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Skillcoin Full Stack Developer
RPI Machine Learning M.S.

Who I Am

I am a twenty-one year old Polish immigrant and permanent resident of the United States. I will be applying for dual citizenship in about a year.

I attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and am on a fast track to graduate with my B.S. and M.S. at the same time in May, 2016.

I dream of autonomy and am constantly in an entrepreneurial mindset. I work on exciting projects every day.

When I'm not coding, I'm enjoying new hobbies like lifting and playing golf, or old hobbies like playing soccer and enjoying starch fermented beverages.

What I Do


Master's Degree

Professor Malik Magdon-Ismail is advising me as we explore Optimal Sparse Linear Auto-Encoders and their performance benefits in real world situations over Principal Component Analysis.



is my pride and joy that I have been developing since January, 2015. Utilizing the latest improvements in GPS technology, fast cellular connections, and real-time data, Skillcoin will become the next de facto hyper-competitive sport and will change workouts, forever.
Run With Us.


is a revolutionary educational tool that aims to bridge the gap between the classroom and technology in game-changing ways. Development has been in steady progress for two years with some peers. It has open-source roots, but is a SaaS at heart. Grapefruit aims to be the new "fruit" of education.

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